Friday, September 15, 2006

Week at the knees

What a week!! Not enough that it was Digital ID World so ‘everyone’ was in town. In honor of Digital ID World we ran our $5 i-name promotion. The promotion got picked up by Slashdot… and we survived, with our servers intact. We were hoping to sell 100 i-name during the promotion; we sold almost 1000. Additionally, I had some great meetings and participated in some great sessions at IOS (Identity Open Space, day one of DIDW).

It’s really starting to feel like we have pushed the ball to the top of the hill and it’s about to start rolling down the other side… It’s going to pick up size and momentum and smash into the identity silos blowing them apart (or they can open their doors and let the inevitable roll through, but once those doors are open they aren’t going to be closed again).  

…And once we have distributed identity then we can manage distributed data… XDI, here we come.

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