Thursday, May 24, 2007

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This has very little to do with XDI except that it is a new channel through which I am trying to spread the meme of User Centrism and Digital Identity technology awareness to a less technical audience. has only been live for a couple of weeks but it is getting an average of 1000 unique visitors a day. I have a regular column on the site that I am hoping will raise awareness and understanding of the work that ‘we’, the people who read this blog, are involved in.

Here is the original launch announcement:



A new web magazine for these times of intense transition, Reality Sandwich launches today at

Reality Sandwich covers topics from sustainability to shamanism, alternate realities to alternative energy, remixing media to re-imagining community, holistic healing techniques to the promise and perils of new technologies. It hopes to spark debate and engagement by offering a forum for voices ranging from the ecologically pragmatic to the wildly visionary. Reality Sandwich includes news, reflective essays, arts, interviews, podcasts, and forums. Counteracting the doom-and-gloom of the daily news, the site is a platform for perspectives conveying a different vision of the transformations we face.

Among the more than 40 participating contributors are: Daniel Pinchbeck, Melinda Wenner, The Yes Men, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, David Rothenberg, Douglas Rushkoff, John Jay Harper, Kaliya Hamlin, Henri Poole, Andrew Boyd, Aline Duriaud, Ken Jordan, Jonathan Phillips, Elizabeth Thompson, Andy Dale and Michael Brownstein.

Reality Sandwich is built with Drupal, the popular open source online publishing system, by the free and open source software consultants CivicActions.

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