Monday, December 10, 2007

Option 5

I was reading this post in Phil's blog, as I do, and had to get this thought out of my head...

Phil says:

There are basically four options for deployment, as far as I can tell:

  1. Sell software that gets installed on customer hardware
  2. Package your code onto a hardware appliance and sell the box
  3. Package your code onto a virtual appliance and sell the appliance
  4. Sell a hosted solution
All of these have advantages and disadvantages and each is appropriate in different circumstances.
Phil goes on to describe some of the pros and cons of each of these options... It's a good read. There is however another solution; well it's not really another solution, it's really just a variation on 4... But it doesn't have the problems described in Phil's post....

5. Have Wingaa host it.

Now this also has pros and cons like any of the other solutions... but is an option. Wingaa is all about High Availability, High Security and Non-Intrusive Identity Service Hosting by specialists in Privacy and Trust. That is our business... We want to take the support calls, keep the geographically disperse secure data centers in hot fail over mode. We want to persist all that PII and take on that liability, that's the challenge that we have set ourselves... Don't get me wrong, we plan to charge you for it. Security and availability and lots of liability insurance doesn't come cheap... but if you have a business that needs those qualities we can probably do it as inexpensively as you can do it yourself, without you having to do the work.

There are business for whom this fundamentally isn't an option, but there are also business for whom this is the perfect solution. You have the killer business idea, THE next social app, we have the capability to not only run it for you but to run it in an environment that can be trusted to protect the privacy of each individual above ANY business imperative. You can deploy quickly and cheaply into high production value mode without the burden of the upfront cost. You can look instantly credible to enterprise partners.... they'll say... oh, you use the Wingaa network.... GREAT!

Wow... what started as a simple observation that maybe we could help, in some cases, just became a my marketing guys worst nightmare.... Andy runs wild with words. (I think maybe the fever has come back)

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