Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Business Networking that _didn't_ suck...

As you can imagine. I have profiles in a LOT of Social and Business networking sites. This is part of my job, I look see who does what and how. The real acid test of my evaluation is whether I ever go back to the site and _use_ the account. If I do it's a rare thing and a good sign.

One of the networks that I have used along the way is BizNik whose tag line has long been... Business Networking that doesn't suck. And I did use BizNik periodically and even went to one of their local networking events. One of my favorite features was the "who has been to your profile" feature. Something shared by LinkedIn but at LinkedIn you only get 'hints' of who looked at your profile.

So this morning I get my 'weekly stats' email from BizNik and it tells me that my profile was viewed 7 times in the last week and I think to myself... "oh, I wonder who looked at my profile" and click on the link provided.... and to my horror.... I can no longer see the list! Now I have to pay $10 a month to see who looked at MY profile.

Now understand the need to monetize a business... Believe me I've been failing to do it for years and maybe it's because I do NOT believe that the way to go about monetizing a business is by charging the users for value that they create!.... People go to MY profile because of the information I put in it, it's MY information. Yes it's BizNiks container but can't they just stick ads on the page like everybody else. In my world BizNik would work with me to improve my profile, drive more people to my profile, share that ad revenue with me.... Not try to charge me.

So I guess that I will not be going to BizNik any more, it's not really a decision I make, it's an organic thing.

I guess I'll just have to drive people to my i-page...

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gr8inferno said...

Well it does, and it sucks big time. I'm glad u didn't get sucked into paying $10.00 a month for 7 page views, thats ridiculous, hope people would catch on.
I enjoy ur blog by the way.