Saturday, April 02, 2005

How much is too much?

James Kobielus' Blog: fyi Databases Can't Handle RFID

Can a massively distributed data architecture like the ‘Dataweb’ as we conceive of it support masses of data? I guess we’ll find out. I do know that 5 years ago the idea that I would have a 300gig drive in my $800 PC would have seemed not only unlikely but also unneeded. If that 7 million terabytes of data that Wal-Mart Stores Inc was generating each day was spread across the data repositories of the people who executed the transactions what would the spread be? I’m not being glib… these are my real first thoughts on what is clearly a huge question.

But then... It is probably true that XDI 1.0 will not solve all of the problems in the data sharing world including this 'massive' data question. But massive distribution will certainly help and it will solve a lot of other problems.

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