Thursday, April 14, 2005

You only make a first impression once...

So, I have been working on a new 'Introduction to XDI' ppt. I put it up for review at the XDI TC yesterday and presented it to a bunch of engineers (about 15) today. I have incorporated their feedback and posted it here it is for further comment.


Aldo Castaneda said...

Bravo Andy!

Nicely done. Your presentation is clear and very comprehensible, no small feat given the subject matter.

I do have a question however about the following:

"Even though some data providers adopt standards like iCal it is unusual and unlikely that any one protocol gains ubiquitous adoption.

Low level standards seem to catch on but not high level ones - SMTP, POP3, SQL, HTTP, TCP-IP. XDI pushes Secure Data Sharing down the stack and makes it a lower level function."

Do you have an stats to prove that? I'm not questioning your assertion rather I think this might be an important point for me to address in my research and any "hard data" on this would be terrific.

Thanks as always.


Kaliya said...

Hey Andy,
I know you are still working on it - can't wait to see it but you should put it up in an open format so it is linkable - like Doc's PPTs.