Friday, April 15, 2005

One quick response

Aldo asked:

I do have a question however about the following: "Even though some data providers adopt standards like iCal it is unusual and unlikely that any one protocol gains ubiquitous adoption. Low level standards seem to catch on but not high level ones - SMTP, POP3, SQL, HTTP, TCP-IP. XDI pushes Secure Data Sharing down the stack and makes it a lower level function. "Do you have an stats to prove that? I'm not questioning your assertion rather I think this might be an important point for me to address in my research and any "hard data" on this would be terrific.
No I don't have any facts.. I didn't think we needed those on blogs :-) I was just expressing my personal observation. I have subsequently be pointed at this quote by Drummond:

"protocols with few options tend towards ubiquity, whilst protocols with many options tend towards obscurity."

Although I can't find an attribution for it. We will have to look at XDI through this lens before going ‘main-stream with it.

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