Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Personal Server

The current XDI Server is what I consider the start of a "Community XDI Server" it's based on the J2EE servlet framework with 'axis' providing a SOAP Web Services interface. It is designed and built to handle a large volume of data and traffic, it needs robust server grade hardware to support it. I hope that we will see a PHP (LAMP) version of XDI Server soon that may offer an easier entry point for not-for-profit and NGOs. We may even look into a C/C++ version for really high end commercial use.

This post is about the other extreme; the XDI Server that will run on your desktop, your phone, your PDA, your watch?. This server needs to be very light weight and run as a stand alone app. It will be your messaging client, your calendar, your blog reader, file storage interface, your Personal Productivity Dashboard. You will generate content of any type; document, image, movie, song and in a single action do any of these that you wish:

  • Save it.
  • Publish it.
  • Put into a Knowledge Management System (tag it).
  • Notify others that it is published.
  • Back it up.
  • Secure it.
  • Assert ownership over it (I'm working on evaluating some newly patented watermarking technology that may have some teeth)

Because XDI is inherently distributed and interoperable this doesn't mean that we/you are building some monolithic repository that must hold all data, it simply enables a single point of reference for all that data. Your calendar data will still be kept in whatever you already use, your rich media will go to your ourMedia.org account.

You will use your person server to share your data with only the people you want to share it with and otherwise secure it. You will use your personal server to control access to you; when someone types your i-name into their cell phone, do they get your home phone, your cell phone or voice mail? You configure who, when, where and how. That works for email too and rss consumption. Maybe one day FedEx will be i-name enabled so you can have your package delivered to where you are when you are there.

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